Project Findings

Project findings are all available here through public reports, covering legal analysis, and empirical work with families of missing migrants, and in the contexts of Lesbos, Greece, and Sicily, Italy.


Summary report

An effort to summarise all the data and project findings in a single, relatively brief, document.

Country reports

Country reports, from Greece and Italy, are available in long and short forms, summarising law, policy and practice around migrant bodies and their identification in the two contexts.


Study of the situation of familiesFamilies

A study has been made of the impact on – and needs of – families of missing migrants, from Tunisia, Syria and Iraq.

Also available in Arabic / العربية


Legal analysis

The project’s legal advisor has compiled a report on the obligations on states arising from International Human Rights Law.

Legal memo

Additionally country based lawyers have summarised the existing body of law relevant to missing migrants in Greece and Italy: